Everyone wants a beautiful smile … having perfectly straight teeth naturally is a dream come true. But for patients who require assistance to achieve straight teeth, clear braces are the perfect alternative to traditional braces. The leader in the field of this type of teeth straightening is most certainly Invisalign.

Advantages with Invisalign

Aligners are clear: Teens and adults of all ages can undergo subtle teeth straightening with transparent aligners.

Aligners are removable: This is important for several reasons. The patient can enjoy all their favorite foods as the aligners are removed for snacks and meals. Replace when done. Additionally, the patient has the freedom to thoroughly brush and floss their teeth helping to maintain great oral health during orthodontic treatment.

Aligners are comfortable: They are made from a material that is strong enough to gently shift teeth to their proper occlusion, but since there are no wires or metal, soft oral tissues are not poked or abraded.

Aligners are convenient: Since the patient replaces the aligners themselves, there is no need to visit the orthodontist as often to have adjustments made or braces tightened to keep teeth moving to their proper placement.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Your orthodontist will use tools like dental x-rays, dental impressions (or digital impressions), and photographs for the Invisalign lab to fabricate a series of aligners. Every two weeks, the patient will replace the aligner with the next in the series. Each aligner is designed to fit snuggly initially. Over the next two weeks, teeth are gently being shifted. This process repeats until occlusion is corrected.

The final phase of treatment involves wearing a retainer. Your orthodontist will provide you with the retainer with instructions on how it is to be worn. This is an important phase of treatment. The retainer allows teeth and bones that hold them in place to develop a memory of their new positions. Failure to wear the retainer as prescribed can allow teeth to drift back to their former location.

Protect your investment … follow all instructions issued by our team at McBride Orthodontics and you will enjoy a great smile and healthier teeth to last your lifetime.