Many parents are not aware that children should visit the orthodontist around the age of seven. While this may seem very young, and probably will not result in your child wearing braces at this age, a consultation at this age provides a guide as to whether or not orthodontics will eventually be needed. Early intervention may be recommended with the advantages being invaluable as your child grows.

Why Is It So Important To Start So Young? 

In some cases, the child may have a small palate making it apparent that there will be inadequate space to accommodate all adult teeth or for them to come in straight. With early interceptive care, the palate and jaws can be manipulated with orthodontics to widen the jaw and provide more space for teeth to emerge. While this alone may not resolve all alignment problems, it is much easier to make changes before many permanent teeth have erupted. Early intervention is often considered the first phase of orthodontic care with the possibility that some type of braces may be required later.

When teeth protrude, your child feels self-conscious. This can be due to thumb sucking, use of a pacifier, or a genetic condition. Braces provide a way for teeth to become aligned properly improving your child’s smile and boosting their self-confidence.

Crooked teeth present more than just an aesthetic problem. They provide places for plaque to form and build making these areas difficult to reach when brushing. This condition can lead to decay and even the possibility of gum disease.

Chewing and speaking clearly can also be a result of misaligned teeth as well as putting more damaging pressure on some teeth than others.

What Braces Can Mean For Your Child

While your child may endure a few inconveniences during orthodontic treatment, the benefits of having teeth straightened far outweigh any of them. Orthodontics will correctly position teeth and jaw alignment with the result being a great smile and improved oral health.

As a parent you want to provide every advantage you can for your child. Making sure they see an orthodontist as well as a family dentist early will lead to having a fabulous smile and healthy teeth and gums. This is a valuable gift your child will continue to enjoy throughout their life.