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Why Orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment is a life-changing investment in your appearance and your oral health. While many people associate wearing braces with achieving a straight smile, there are numerous benefits to having adequately spaced teeth. A straight smile can increase your oral health and protect your teeth from untimely wear due to a misaligned occlusion.
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Whether you are receiving orthodontic care for the first time or the second, there are discreet and comfortable treatment options for adults. One of the most popular treatment options for adults is Invisalign. This innovative alternative corrects spacing issues between teeth and can improve one’s bite without the need for fixed oral appliances like wires and brackets. Read more ›

Orthodontics for Children and Teens

Our practice and the American Dental Association recommend that parents bring their children in for their first orthodontic consultation around seven years old. This initial visit will help determine the best type of treatment(s) for your child’s needs. Read more ›

Orthodontics for Adults

While receiving orthodontic treatment is normally associated with pre-teens and teenagers, millions of adults wear braces to correct their tooth alignment and bites. Our practice has solutions for improving the appearance and functionality of smiles for adults. Read more ›

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Our practice offers a number of treatments to help patients of all ages align their teeth, increase oral function, and improve their occlusions. From conventional braces and Invisalign to surgical orthodontics, our doctors can tackle even the most noticeably flawed smiles. Read more ›

Ask the Orthodontist

Many of our patients have questions for our staff on everything from what makes an orthodontist a specialist to types of treatment and how to adjust to life with braces. Following are some quick answers to commonly asked questions about orthodontic treatment. Read more ›

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