Teeth may be crooked due to overcrowding … the jaws can’t accommodate the size and number of permanent teeth that have erupted. Or unwanted gaps between teeth have allowed them to shift becoming uneven or misshapen. Generally teeth will not magically straighten as they grow. For a great smile and improved dental health, the better alternative is to visit your orthodontist to learn what’s available in the evolution of braces for adults.

Adults are achieving a smile makeover by straightening teeth that may have drifted out of place after wearing braces as a child; or they are seeking orthodontic correction for the first time. A consultation with your orthodontist will provide a treatment plan to outline how Invisalign or other teeth straightening methods can enhance your appearance; and in doing so improve your oral health.

Invisalign for adults and teens is a very popular option as they are inconspicuous … they are transparent aligners that are strong enough to shift teeth, but will not abrade oral tissues. Another advantage with Invisalign is they are removable. This means the patient can enjoy all the foods they wish … aligners are removed for meals and snacking and replaced when done.

This also allows the patient to brush and floss daily with ease.

Older teens and adults might also consider ceramic braces. This teeth straightening method is made from tooth colored ceramic in lieu of metal brackets; but still employs wires as a means to keep teeth moving to their correct occlusion. They are generally a little larger than metal braces; daily oral hygiene is critically important.

Traditional metal braces have come a long way … they are more comfortable and with some color mixed in, there is much more appeal for the younger set.

Having straight teeth is not just about aesthetics. Everyone wants a beautiful smile with perfectly straight, white teeth. But crooked or misshapen teeth can do more harm than just ruining your smile. They provide areas your toothbrush can’t easily reach allowing bacteria to grow; plaque builds on teeth creating the potential for dental decay and/or gum disease.

Your orthodontist can explain how braces for adults can straighten teeth due to an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. You can discuss all the methods available; the final result will be a beautiful smile and improved oral health. Call our office at McBride Orthodontics to discuss your options!